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  In February of 2010, a group of students and instructors at the Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald received a $10,000 campus improvement grant from the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation in conjunction with its partnership with SkillsUSA.


  This grant was used to build a sustainable "green" power system which now powers the school's amateur "ham" radio station, therefore removing it from the power grid and reducing it's carbon footprint.


  The project has allowed students to take the lead in designing and implementing a sustainable energy system, giving them great insight and experience into the processes involved in working as a team on a project with real world implications.


  In addition to the knowledge and experience gained by the students who worked on the project, the project continues to provide awareness of the importance of sustainable "green" solutions and educational opportunities through the live and historical production and usage data made available on this site. 


  As you browse the site, we hope you can learn something beneficial from our experiences. Whether it be understanding how a sustainable energy system works, learning about the system design, or simply finding out about Ham radio ... we invite you to explore this site and all it has to offer.We would very much appreiciate if you would sign our guest book to let us know you've been here and what you think about our project. Thank you for visiting!


  -The Green Electrons and Ham Team



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